The issue of safety is a major and vital factor in all activities of the Oil Companies.

All Member-Companies of the Association make an effort so that all oil terminals operate with modern technological equipment and all Safety and Environmental Protection regulations of the Greek and European Legislation are applied. Improvements on the daily operation of the terminals are continuously planned and implemented, taking into account the safety of people and assets.

With the same gravity the Member-Companies of the Association control and improve anything that has to do with the transport of oil products by modernizing the fleet of Public and Private fuel trucks, with the safe use of the infrastructures that are being created in our country (new roads, bridges, tunnels, harbors), and with the training of the staff employed in fuel transport. In this way they expect to succeed maximum safety in transport, while satisfying and observing all regulations of the Greek and European Legislation.

The fact that the Sector takes safety very seriously can be proved by the activity developed both by SEEPE and its Member-Companies:

The prevention of accidents –in the working areas and on the roads, where the fuel tank trucks circulate, is a particularly important issue for the Member-Companies of SEEPE. The initiatives taken in this sector do not only refer to the safety and protection of their employees and partners, but also of all the people living and moving in the communities where the petroleum companies operate.