The main body governing the Association is the Board of Directors that is also responsible for the administration of the Association.

Generally though, for the better performance of the Association’s activities, in addition to the permanent personnel, the Association has also established Committees comprised of executives from the various sectors of the Member-Companies. In special cases and for the more effective operation of the Association, small ad hoc work groups are appointed for the processing of specific issues.

In this context the Association has created thematic committees, which:

The established committees are:

  1. Oil Policy Committee
  2. Aviation Committee
  3. Human Resources Committee
  4. Public Relations Committee
  5. Distribution Committee
  6. Plants and Terminals Committee
  7. Energy Products Committee
  8. Supply and Customs Committee
  9. Lubricants Committee
  10. Marine Committee
  11. Legal Committee
  12. Financial Committee
  13. Service Stations Committee
  14. Health, Safety and Environment Committee
  15. LPG Committee