The Greek Oil Industry is regulated by Law 3054/2002 (as amended) and the relevant Licensing Regulation.

The following companies are activated in the Greek market:
  • 2 refinement companies with 4 refineries.
  • 30 Petroleum Marketing companies holding a type A license, with storage and trading facilities throughout Greece.
  • 29 companies holding a type Β1 or/and Β2 license for marine or/and jet fuels, with facilities for the replenishment of ships in harbours and with stations for the replenishment of aircrafts in almost 25 airports. 17 of them also hold a type A license.
  • 35 companies holding a type C license – namely license to trade LPG, with installations or/and LPG bottling plants. 5 of them also hold a type A license.
  • 23 companies holding a type D license – namely a license to trade Asphalt. 8 of them also hold a type A license.
  • 1 company holding a License to Transport via Pipeline. The company is active in the transportation of Jet fuels from the Refineries at the E. Venizelos Airport.
  • Approximately 6,440 service stations 5.700 of which operate (in their majority they display companies’ trademarks).
    • In Greece there is 1 service station for every 1,750 inhabitants, while the average equivalent in the EU is 1 service station for every 4,500 inhabitants.
  • approximately 250 Heating Oil Resellers.
The following are used for the transportation and distribution of fuels:
  • a pipeline network
  • approximately 1.600 Public fuel trucks
  • approximately 230 Private fuel trucks of the Trading Companies
  • approximately 8.000 Private small trucks for the distribution of heating oil
The Sales for 2019 were:
  • Domestic Market: 6.874.557 tons
  • International Market: 4.581.854 tons
  • Both Markets: 11.456.411 tons