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The Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association(SEEPE) has been operating since 1977 and represents 12 Petroleum Marketing Companies that distribute 90% of liquid fuels and other oil products of our Country and that employee, directly or indirectly, dozens of thousands of employees.

Association’s mission is the development of positions and the handling of issues referring to the smooth operation of the Oil Industry in Greece. The Association contributes with constructive and specialized advice and suggestions to organizations and the State.




The main purpose of the Association is to inform its members of proposed changes in the legislation and to help form and advocate the industry’s position.


Sales volumes in the Domestic and International Market for the period 2009 - 2013.


The total sales volumes of petroleum fuels in the quinquennium 2009-2013 have decreased by 36,49%.

The sales in the Domestic Market have decreased by 41,59%, while the sales in the International Market have decreased by 23,92%.


More specifically:

Ø  Domestic Market Sales

  • Gasoline sales have decreased by 34,44% and Heating Oil sales have decreased by 67,24%.

Automotive diesel has dropped by 33,13%.

Of course, the unknown factor regarding Diesel Oil is the quantity of Heating Oil used illegally as Automotive Diesel Oil.

  • Fuel Oil sales have been reduced by 41,97%, while LPG sales have increased by 38,07%, due to the introduction of natural gas into the market.

Ø  International Market Sales

  • Whereas Jet Fuels sales have slightly increased by 2% compared to 2012, during the quinquennium they have an overall decrease of 15,97%.
  • Marine Fuels decreased by 26,10% in total.

More specifically, Marine Gasoil was reduced by 20,74%, while Fuel Oil was reduced by 27,19%.

The total reduction in the International Market sales was 23,92%.


The significant decrease in Fuels is mainly caused by the adverse economic circumstances, the increase in international platts oil prices and predominantly by the great increase in the excise duties and VAT.


Generally, the economic crisis and the austerity measures (intense recession, unemployment, additional taxation) have a negative effect on Industry sales.