The protection of the environment is one of the most critical problems of our times. Association’s Member-Companies systematically and continuously try to apply methods that will minimize the environmental effects from their products and operations.

Through a systematic approach, Companies have managed to consolidate environmental awareness in all sectors of their activity, so that the environmental concerns are seriously taken into consideration in every operational decision and action.

Special attention is given to the environmental training of the employees, partners, contracting staff, fuel tank truck drivers, etc., so that all persons involved become aware that caring for the environment is an integral part of all business activities, as well as a duty of all those who participate in these activities.

Member-Companies of the Association participate in various activities for the protection of the environment by cooperating with environmental organizations, which are well known for their actions regarding the protection of wild fauna and flora in our country.

Additionally, Member-Companies, apart from the ongoing training of their personnel and partners for the immediate handling and limiting pollution in case of an accident, have been equipped with all the necessary means to minimize any environmental impacts.

A characteristic element is that all fuel installations, service stations, and fuel distribution trucks have been equipped by Member-Companies with vapor recovery systems (Stage I), so that the overall handling of fuels takes place within a closed circuit in all stages of delivery, in order to reduce risks and to prevent pollutants from escaping into the air.

“Save more than fuel”

On the occasion of the presentation of the positions of the European Refining Industry on Climate Change, FuelsEurope launched, on 2/11/2015, the new “Save More Than Fuel” campaign as a contribution to the effort of the emissions’ reduction through effective driving behavior.

The campaign "Save more than fuel" is a message to stakeholders that the Petroleum Industry contributes to increasing environmental and energy awareness in society, in order to jointly contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and improve the quality of air / environment.

The campaign completely renewed, gives 10 tips for efficient driving to help reduce fuel consumption and contribute to a cleaner and safer lifestyle. We hope you find these tips helpful.