Purpose and mission

The “Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association” (SEEPE) was founded in 1977 and represents 13 Petroleum Marketing Companies that distribute 90% of liquid fuels and other oil products of our Country and employee, directly or indirectly, dozens of thousands of employees.

Association’s mission is to develop positions and handle issues regarding the smooth operation of the Oil Industry in Greece. Association contributes with constructive and specialized advice and suggestions to organizations and the State.

The main purpose of the Association is to inform its members of proposed changes in the legislation and to help form and advocate the industry’s position.

SEEPE, on behalf of its members, develops positions, manages issues affecting the oil industry in Greece and communicates these views to all state organizations and institutions.

SEEPE contributes constructively with experts’ advice to the industry consultation process and through this process both promotes the oil industry views and enhances its reputation.

The main targets of the Association include the contribution to the rationalization of the market, the abatement of unnecessary bureaucracy and the elimination of distortions, namely:

  • Elimination of all phenomena / conditions that are favouring illicit trafficking and smuggling.
  • Updating of procedures applied in the public sect Abatement of bureaucracy, interventions and needless expenses.
  • Support of free economy conditions and healthy competition in the market, in order to achieve development and creation of job vacancies.
  • Reinforcement of financial liquidity, so that companies can be viable.