Corporate Social Responsibility
The Member-Companies of the Association utilize their resources effectively, for the benefit of their companies, their Personnel, the Environment and Society.
This activity is based on the responsibility that Association’s members exhibit regarding their role in the Industry. The Companies are equally interested in the protection of the environment, the training of their personnel and their social contribution.
Towards this direction, the Members of the Association: 
  • Organize training seminars for their Personnel, subsidize their training at a postgraduate level and award the children of their employees who enter the Universities and Technical Educational Institutes of our country.
  • Provide health insurance and hospital care via group insurance programs
  • Fund cultural events, athletic associations and individual athletes
  • Subsidize conferences about the protection of the environment and new technologies
  • Grant scholarships to postgraduate students for thesis on fields relevant to the Sector.
  • Fund institutions and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Invest large funds for the protection of the environment and for promoting safety in all fields of their activity, such as in oil terminals, service stations and fleets of fuel tank trucks, vehicles and tankers.
For further information regarding the social activity of the Member-Companies of SEEPE, please visit their websites.